The David Allen Prize

The David Allen Prize is intended to mark the work of David Allen, who made major contributions to Australian astronomy, both as a practitioner and as a publicist. When he died in 1994, he was permanent staff astronomer at the Anglo-Australian Observatory and past-President of the Astronomical Society of Australia. He had a strong commitment to advancing the public understanding of astronomy and a unique ability to get his message across, culminating in the award of the 1993 Eureka Prize for the Promotion of Science.

David Allen

David Allen

The David Allen Prize fosters public interest in astronomy by rewarding the best contribution, or series of contributions, published in the previous calendar year in any form of media that is widely accessible to Australians, which portrays an astronomical theme in an exciting and educative manner and which informs the general public in understandable language, while retaining the integrity of the science.

Eligibility for the prize is restricted to Australian residents.

The David Allen Prize is one of a series of prizes awarded by the ASA in recognition of excellence in astronomy in Australia.

David Allen Prize Winners

Jonathon Nally, editor of Sky & Space magazine.
Fred Watson, Astronomer-in-Charge, Anglo-Australian Observatory

Funding for the Prize

The David Allen Prize will be funded through the ASA's Foundation for the Advancement of Astronomy (FAA). The FAA is a tax-deductible Foundation intended to enhance the ASA's efforts to promote Astronomy and related fields in Australia, and to recognise and support excellence in those fields. The purposes of the FAA are very broadly defined to allow the support of prizes, scholarships, research and facilities.

The success of the David Allen Prize and the FAA's ability to support other activities depends on the level of funding available, and hence on the financial support of ASA members and the public. The ASA invites you to make a donation (tax-deductible for Australian residents) to support the goals of the FAA. You may specify that your donation be used to support the David Allen Prize or make it available to the general purposes of the Foundation.

A form to facilitate a donation can be found on the FAA web page.

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