ASA Harley Wood School

In conjunction with the Annual Scientific Meeting, the ASA sponsors the Harley Wood School for postgraduate students each year. The School is named in memory of Dr Harley Wood, first President of the ASA.

The School usually involves 2 days of invited lectures and discussion centering around one theme. The atmosphere is informal and emphasises contact between students from all over Australia.

Harley Wood was Director of Sydney Observatory for over thirty years from 1943 to 1974, during which time the Observatory was engaged in the Astrographic Catalogue, a mammoth international project to photograph the whole sky. His work in the wider context of the Australian and international astronomical community was prolific. He was also heavily involved in the popularisation of astronomy and making astronomy available to everyone. In particular, he was at the forefront of moves to draw Australian astronomers together into a professional organisation and in recognition of this work became the Foundation president of the ASA.

Harley Wood photographing the spectrum of a comet.

The 2005 Harley Wood School will be held from Thursday 30 June to Sunday 3 July This will be followed immediately by the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASA in Sydney, from Monday 4-8 July.

The theme for talks this year is, 'The whole electromagnetic spectrum'!

Harley Wood School Instructions for Organisers

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