The Berenice Page Medal

The Berenice Page medal was inaugurated by the ASA in 1972 in memory of Mrs Berenice Page, a foundation member of the Society. The award recognises excellence in original work in amateur astronomy in Australia and its territories.

The award, consisting of a bronze medal, is made by the ASA Council at intervals of approximately two years. The medal is usually presented by a member of the ASA Council at the biennial National Australian Convention of Amateur Astronomers (NACAA). The assessment committee looks for scientific contributions which have served to advance astronomy. In particular, the award is not made in recognition of organisational services, for popularisation, or solely for proficiency in established techniques.

Nominations, with detailed supporting material, are requested when a new award is to be considered.

Enquiries should be directed to Dr Marc Duldig, Joint ASA Secretary.

List of Past Winners

1973 - Mr. S.J. Elwin
For photometric observations of the occultation of Beta' Scorpii by Jupiter.
1975 - Mr David Herald
For observations of Baily Beads in the solar eclipse of 20 June 1974.
1978 - no award
1981 - Mr. Bill Bradfield
For the discovery, up to that time, of 11 comets.
1983 - Mr. Byron Soulsby
For work on the oblateness of the umbral shadow.
1986 - the Rev'd. Robert Evans
For visual discoveries of supernovae.
1988 - Mr. Robert McNaught
For photographic nova and supernova observations and discoveries.
1990 - Mr. Barry Adcock
For telescope design work and planetary observations.
1992 - Dr Mal Wilkinson
For the design and construction of a radio-telescope and subsequent observations of the Io-Jupiter system and for his development of a model for the emissions.
1994 - Mr Paul Camilleri
For discoveries of novae and Mira variables and the development of simple photographic techniques for nova searches.
1996 - Mr Peter Williams
For his extensive on-going visual observations of variable stars, especially the R Coronae Borealis variables.
1998 - Mr Gordon Garradd
For significant contributions in the observation of asteroids, comets, novae and supernovae.
2000 - Mr Andrew Pearce
For his high quality visual observations of comets, variable stars and novae.
2002 - The Reynolds Amateur Photometry Team
For work in association with professional astronomers to provide data on objects such as supernovae, blazars and gamma ray bursts, using the Reynolds 30" telescope at Mount Stromlo Observatory.
2004 - Mr Colin Bembrick
For his significant contribution to astronomy from photometric observations of minor planets.

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