Student Travel Assistance

Funds to assist student travel to conferences and observatories are available from the ASA and other sources.

ASA Travel Assistance

The ASA provides limited travel assistance for students to attend conferences.
  • Harley Wood School

    Assistance to attend the
    Harley Wood School is provided through the meeting organisers. Enquiries should be directed to them. Claims must be accompanied by original receipts.

  • Overseas Travel

    Limited travel funds are available to assist student members of the ASA to attend overseas conferences at which they present a paper or poster paper. This funding is NOT available for domestic travel (except in extraordinary circumstances).

    There are two application deadlines per year - 31 March and 30 September.

    A maximum of $750 is available per application, limited to a single trip during the course of the students studies. Students will not generally be supported in their first year of study and must be members of the Society for at least 6 months prior to the travel commencing. Applications are required to be lodged in advance of travelling. In exceptional circumstances an application may be lodged after travel has been undertaken but this must be within 1 month of returning and the 6 month mandatory membership period prior to departure must still have been met. Exceptional circumstances are limited to unforeseeable student out of pocket expenses arising from other funding sources not fulfilling their obligation or changes to the trip that could not have been avoided.

    No other ASA support is available in the same calendar year.

    If the student received a travel grant for the Harley Wood School in the one year, this would preclude support of overseas travel before January of the next year.

    To apply for support you should send the following to Dr Marc Duldig, Joint ASA Secretary, at the address given below:

    1. Information on the conference and its importance to your work (2-3 lines)
    2. Details of the paper/s you are presenting at the conference
    3. A list of other funds sought or promised, including your home institution
    4. Your out of pocket expenses expected
    5. Any other supporting material you feel is necessary
    6. A letter of support SIGNED by one of your supervisors AND your Departmental Head.

    The first 5 points should preferably be sent by e-mail to but may also be mailed with the letter of support. This letter must be mailed or faxed to Dr Marc Duldig, Joint ASA Secretary.

    If successful you will be required to produce original receipts for amounts of equal or greater value than the grant. These receipts will be returned to you marked with how much has been reimbursed. You will therefore still be able to use the receipts for proof of attendance or to claim any funding shortfall from other organizations. You will also need to supply a short report of your involvement in the conference. This need only be a paragraph or two and should confirm your actual travel details and papers presented.

    The ASA requires that you acknowledge its support in the presentations and in any published version of the paper.

    Any enquiries should be directed to Dr Marc Duldig, Joint ASA Secretary.

Other sources of Travel Assistance

Other sources of funds for student travel are also listed on the Travel Assistance page of the ASA's Australian Astronomy web site. Ask your supervisor and Research/Scholarships office for further details.

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