What is Hermes

Hermes is the user interface of GIPSY. It enables users to do multi-tasking in an organised fashion. Users have direct control over the application programs (tasks) they run: a running task can be suspended or aborted with a simple command; various settings can be changed while a task is running.

Parameters for a task can be specified at any time; if a task needs information that has not been specified yet, the user is prompted.

Context-sensitive help about tasks is provided at a single keystroke.

Tasks keep the user informed in two ways: they write in a log file in which the user can page and search and they can provide a one-line status message, which can be frequently updated.

Two versions of Hermes exist:

Normally Hermes is not started directly by the user, but rather by a shell script which prepares a number of settings before starting Hermes. Refer to the GIPSY users guide.

The name Hermes finds its roots in Greek mythology.

Hermes GIPSY