Karma library widgets documentation

The Karma Library contains many Xt-based widgets. To view the documentation for a widget, click on it's entry.

Library Widgets

AnimateControlAnimation control widget
CanvasSimple canvas widget containing a pixel canvas
ChoiceMenuChoice menu widget
CmapwinColourmap manipulation widget
CmapwinpopupColourmap manipulation widget
ContourSimpleControlSimple contour control widget
DataBrowserPopup data browser widget
DataclipWidget to select data ranges
DialogpopupPopup dialog widget
DirectCmapwinColourmap manipulation widget
DressingControlAxis labelling control widget
ExclusiveMenuExclusive menu widget
ExportMenuExport menu widget
FilepopupPopup file browser widget
FilewinFile browser widget
HdialDial selector widget
HueIntensityCmapPopupHue-intensity colourmap manipulation widget
ImageDisplayImage display widget
ImageEditorControlImage editor control widget
IncrementIncrement widget
IntensityPolicyIntensity policy control widget
KtoggleToggle widget
LoadAndDecimateWidget to control a load and decimate process
MagnifierPopupMagnifier popup.
MakeDataBrowserPopup data make browser widget
MomentGeneratorMoment generator widget
MultiCanvasMultiple canvas widget
OverlayEditorControlOverlay editor control widget
OverlayMenuSimple overlay manager for a set of canvases
PaletteColour palette widget
PannerPopupPanner popup which can control an <-ImageDisplay-> widget.
PostscriptPostScript output control widget
ProfileEditWidget to create and edit a profile
RepeaterRepeater button widget
ScrollableListSimple scrollable list widget
SimpleColourbarSimple colourbar display widget
SimpleProgressMeterSimple progress display widget
SimpleSliderSimple slider widget
SimpleTextEntrySimple text entry widget
SlaveImageDisplayPopupSlave image display widget
ThreeDeeSliceThree-dimensional slice control widget
TracePopupTrace display widget
TwodposTwo-dimensional position widget
ValueValue entry widget
View2DatasetsTwo dataset display control widget
ViewDatasetsMultiple dataset display control widget
ZoomPolicyZoom policy control widget

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Richard Gooch