Karma library packages documentation

The Karma Library is structured into a number of packages. Each package has a prefix, which is shown first, followed by a description. To view the documentation for a package, click on it's entry.

Library Packages

aRoutines to print general error messages
cRoutines to manage callback lists
dRoutines to control daemon mode
eRoutines to generate periodic events
jRoutines to manipulate associative arrays of joined pairs
mRoutines to manipulate memory blocks
nRoutines to generate random numbers
pLow level routines to convert data
rLow level connection routines
sSignal handling routines
tLow level Transform routines
wRoutines to support work functions
cfRoutines to compute and write RGB colour values into arrays
chRoutines to manipulate channel objects
cmRoutines to manage child processes
dlRoutines for loading shared objects
dmRoutines to manage events on (file) descriptors
dsRoutines to manipulate the general data structure
enRoutines to provide encryption
exRoutines to extract data from strings
hiRoutines to save and restore history information
icRoutines to generate icon pixmaps
imRoutines to do low level initialisation of modules
mdRoutines to produce message digests (secure hash functions)
mtRoutines to manage a thread pool (MultiThreading support)
rpRoutines to manage cryptographically strong random pools
stString manipulation routines
vaRoutines to perform optimised vector arithmetic operations
vcRoutines to manipulate a VX display and colourmaps
xcRoutines to manipulate X displays and colourmaps
xiRoutines to manipulate XImage structures
xvRoutines to query X visuals
cenRoutines to provide channel encryption
chmRoutines to manage channel objects
chsRoutines to scan values from channel objects
colRoutines to convert between colour spaces
dirRoutines to scan directories
dmpRoutines to dump an ASCII representation of a data structure
dmxRoutines to manage file descriptors using the Xt toolkit
extRoutines for loading shared object extensions
glsRoutines for Glish library support
imcRoutines to convert between image formats
imwRoutines to write raw images
pgpRoutines to interface with PGP
pioRoutines to convert and transfer host data to channel objects
pswRoutines to write PostScript
wcsRoutines to support Astronomical sky-projections
arlnRoutines to asynchronously read from the standard input
connRoutines to manipulate connections
dsraRoutines to read an ASCII data structure from an open channel
dsrwRoutines to read and write a data structure from/to channels
kwinManipulate pixel canvases in a device independent way
dsxfrRoutines to transfer data structures over connections
eventRoutines to dispatch events to other programmes
ieditRoutines to manipulate 2D (image) editing instructions
kcmapRoutines to manipulate colourmaps
listwRoutines to manage list widgets
panelRoutines to manipulate control panels (user interface code)
canvasRoutines to manipulate world canvases
dsprocRoutines to process named objects
iarrayRoutines to manipulate Intelligent Arrays
moduleRoutines to initialise and sequence modules
xtmiscRoutines to provide miscellaneous Xt support
contourRoutines to manipulate contour images
foreignRoutines to convert between Karma and other data formats
graph1dRoutines to manipulate graph 1-dimensional data
overlayRoutines to manipulate 2-dimensional (image) overlay objects
scatpltRoutines to manipulate scatter plots
viewimgRoutines to manipulate viewable images
vrenderRoutines to support volume rendering
dispdataRoutines to manage display-able data
constructRoutines to manage construction of data

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Richard Gooch