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Basic Information on atwvr

Task: atwvr
Purpose: Correct phases using WVR data
Categories: uv analysis

        ATWVR applies phase corrections derived from WVR measurements

Key: vis
        The input visibility file to correct. No default.

Key: out
        The output corrected file. No default.

Key: wvrphase
        A text file containing the phase corrections.
        Format : time (yymmmdd:hh:mm:ss), phase (6x).
        Prepending a '-' to the file name will negate the phases.

Key: offset
        Offset of phase correction time stamps vs data time stamps.

Key: uvrange
        Range of uv distance to apply the corrections over in meters(!).
        Defaults to all data. First value defaults to zero,
        second value defaults to infinity.

Key: log
        Name of log file. If specified it will list the phases
        applied to each baseline

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