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Basic Information on boxspec

Task: boxspec
Purpose: Write spectra (from vxy cube) as text file
Categories: utility, plotting

        BOXSPEC is a MIRIAD task to save spectra from a vxy image in
        text files.

Key: in
        Standard keyword in. See the help on in for more information.

Key: chan
        The channel range to plot, default is all channels.

Key: aveop
        If 'a' then the pixels enclosed in the x-y area specified
        are averaged.  If 's' they are just summed.  Default is 'a'

Key: hann
        Hanning smoothing length (an odd integer < 15) Default is
        no smoothing.

Key: infile
        List of locations and sizes for boxes in format
                IPOS  X  Y  XOFF  YOFF
                NPOS   is the number of boxes to read
                IPOS   is a number identifying each box, used in
                       creating each output file name
                X,Y    is the pixel location of each box
                X,YOFF are the half sizes of the box in pixels so that
                       each box is of size 2XOFF+1 in x and 2YOFF+1 in y.
                X,YOFF are optional and default to 2

Key: log
        Save each spectrum in a file with root name LOG.  The
        rest of the file name is formed from ``IPOS'' so that
        for example, for LOG=SPEC and IPOS=32 the output file name
        is SPEC32
        Each file contains  :   channel, velocity or freq, intensity

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