Reading and Writing Continuum Visibilities

Miriad uv datasets can contain both spectral and continuumn visibility data simultaneously. When both are present, the user/programmer will normally select which of these data to read, using the uvset routine (see Section 2.5.11). However this allows only one ``linetype'' to be read and written at a time. The uvwread and uvwwrite allow the programmer to read and write the continuum data independently of the ``linetype''. These routines completely bypass linetype processing. They should be used only when both a particular linetype, and the continuum data are required. Uvwread should be called after the call to uvread, whereas uvwwrite should be called before the call to uvwrite.

The routine uvwflgwr is the ``wide'' equivalent of uvflgwr. That is, by calling uvwflgwr, you can overwrite the flags associated with the previous call to uvwread and uvwwrite. Note that uvwflgwr aborts if no flagging file exists.

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