Flint is a FORTRAN program checker. It aims at uncovering programming bugs and bad programming practises. Given FORTRAN source as input, Flint produces warnings on the terminal and in a listing file (flint.log). Flint checks for variables which are unused, uninitialized or undeclared. It also checks that the number, type and intent of arguments passed to a subroutine remains consistent amongst all calls (an arguments intent is whether its value is input to, or output from a routine).
     flint [-acdfhjkrsux2?] [-I incdir] [-o file] [-l] file ...
There are many command line switches (though the defaults are usually adequate). Invoking Flint with the ``?'' switch causes it to print out brief information about Flint, and all the command line switches. For example:
     flint -?
will give some help information.


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