In-Line Documentation

Documentation for Miriad tasks and subroutines is included as comments within the body of the code (delimited by special ``directives''). This documentation is stripped out by the doc program to produce a .doc file. This .doc file is then used by the on-line help facilities and the manual generation utilities.

This documentation should be at the head of the source code. In FORTRAN notation, the documentation ``directives'' are:

c=  [routine name] [one-line description]   (for programs)
c*  [routine name] [one-line description]   (for subroutines)
c&  programmer ID
c:  comma-separated list of categories
c   start of multi-line description block
c@  keyword                                 (for tasks)
c   multi-line keyword description          (for tasks)
c<  standard keyword                        (for tasks - deprecated form)
For FORTRAN, comment lines can begin with either an uppercase or a lowercase c. In-line documentation in C is analogous, except that comment lines begin with a /*. Note also that once a /* is entered, everything until the next */ is considered a comment; it is the programmer's responsibility to determine where to place the */.

The entries in the comma-separated list of categories should be:

For executables:
General Utility Data Transfer Visual Display
Calibration uv Analysis Map Making Deconvolution
Plotting Map Manipulation Map Combination Map Analysis
Profile Analysis Model Fitting Tools Other
For subroutines:
Baselines Calibration Convolution Coordinates
Display Error-Handling Files Fits
Fourier-Transform Gridding Header-I/O History
Image-Analysis Image-I/O Interpolation Least-Squares
Log-File Low-Level-I/O Mathematics Model
PGPLOT Plotting Polynomials Region-of-Interest
SCILIB Sorting Strings Terminal-I/O
Text-I/O Transpose TV User-Input
User-Interaction Utilities uv-Data uv-I/O
Zeeman Other    

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