Command-Line Editing and ER

Miriad includes a reasonably sophisticated command-line editor. The up- and down-arrow keys allow scrolling through the history of previous commands, and the left- and right-arrow keys allow cursor motion within a line. Pressing the TAB key causes an attempt to perform file-name completion. Various control keys allow extra editing. A summary is given in Table 2.1. For copious information, see the GNU Readline library manual.

Table 2.1: miriad Command Line Editing Commands
Key Description
UpArrow Previous command
DownArrow Next command
LeftArrow Move cursor left
RightArrow Move cursor right
DEL Delete character to left of cursor
TAB File name completion
^TAB List possible completions
^A Move to beginning of line
^D Delete character underneath cursor
^E Move to end of line
^U Delete to beginning of line

The er command can be used to perform command-line editing on the current value of a parameter. It also obeys the left- and right-arrow keys, the DEL key etc. For example, to edit the current value of the parameter select, use:

   miriad% er select
The er command is not as sophisticated as the normal command-line editor.

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