Loading data into Miriad: ATLOD

ATCA millimetre observations are loaded into Miriad in the same fashion as centimetre data: task atlod is used.

At 12mm, the opacity of the atmosphere can be significant: in mediocre conditions, the signal loss is can be a 20% at low elevations. With 12-mm data, an opacity correction should be applied to the data during the atlod step. To apply this correction, atlod uses a model of the atmosphere (using meteorological data contained within the dataset) to compute a model opacity. Note that this is just that - a model - and so has its limitation. To apply atmospheric opacity correction, use options=opcorr.

options=opcorr,birdie,reweight,xycorr Options for typical 12-mm
  continuum observation, or
options=opcorr,hanning,compress possible options for spectral
  line observations.

Please note the following:

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