Setting Up Your Account

Setting up your account to use Miriad and the ATNF Visualisation Software varies from system to system. If in doubt, ask a local! We will assume you are using the csh shell.

If you are using the `standard' login scripts on the ATNF machines (Marsfield, Narrabri, Parkes), you will be prompted whether you wish to use Miriad and the ATNF Visualisation Software when you first log in. If you fail to do this, then you can edit the file .login.packages in your login directory, and change -miriad to +miriad. After this change, Miriad will be set-up after your next login.

If you are not using the standard login scripts on ATNF machines, you will need to include three lines in your .login script. include;

       source /applic/miriad/bin/MIRRC
       set path = ($path $MIRBIN)
       source /appplic/karma/.login
Other sites should have similar arrangements - only the directory should change.

The operations performed by these lines are simple enough. The MIRRC script, in the first line, sets up environment variables (including MIRBIN) to point to the appropriate directories. The second line includes the Miriad executables in your executable search path (you may choose to place it somewhere other than the end of the search path). The third line sets up the ATNF Visualisation Software.

You may also wish to set the environment variable MIRDEF to point to a directory where the keyword files generated by the miriad front-end should be stored. For example:

       % setenv MIRDEF /mydirectory/mirdef
By default these keyword files are stored in the directory ~/mirdef, if it exists when MIRRC is invoked, or in your current working directory.

The login initialisation script,, exists for users of the Bourne or Bash shells. This would typically be invoked in your .profile script. Like its csh cousin, does not modify the PATH environment variable. You will want to include $MIRBIN in your path.

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