Using xmtv

TV-related tasks use the server keyword to indicate the TV type and its host. For xmtv, this is given in the form:
Here host is the host name of the workstation running xmtv. For example
indicates that xmtv is running on the machine tucana.

The TV server display can be resized, zoomed, panned and also offers the capability to change the lookup table and transfer function. However, the current Miriad TV server implementation is not very well integrated with concepts such as extracting quantitative information from the display.

Note that the computer where you are running Miriad tasks may differ from the computer running xmtv (e.g. you may be running Miriad tasks on a compute server such as kaputar or raptor, and running xmtv on your local workstation). The host part of the server parameter is the machine running xmtv.

As xmtv uses a specific internet port, normally only a single instance of xmtv can run on a given machine at a given time. This is why you should start xmtv on your local workstation, rather than a compute server. If this is not possible, then you should attempt to run it on the compute server. If you get a message such as:

XMTV:MakeLink - bind error (INET): Address already in use
initializeSocket - MakeLink error: Address already in use
then the internet port is already in use. In this case, you can tell xmtv to use a different port (e.g. port 5001) with
   % xmtv -port 5001 &
(substitute another number for 5001 if it still fails). If you use a port number other than the default, you will need to give this in the server keyword, e.g. for port 5001 on machine tucana, use

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