This chapter describes the user interfaces to Miriad. Each Miriad task has a number of parameters which can be specified. With some parameters, you must assign values to them when you run the task. With other parameters, if they are not set, a default value will be used, which may or may not be sufficient to run the task successfully.

There are two approaches to running tasks: the command-line approach and the front-end (or shell) approach. With the command-line approach, you give the Miriad command directly at the system prompt, in the same way as any other operating system command, such as ls. With the front-end approach, you interact with another program, which aids you in forming the command-line to a Miriad task.

First we will describe the miriad front-end, then command-line interface will be discussed Finally we discuss using scripts with Miriad.

If this is your first encounter with Miriad, we suggest you work your way through the examples starting in the next section.

Miriad manager