Generating Visibilities from a Model Image

If you just want to generate visibilities corresponding to a particular model image, and do not care whether they follow realistic tracks in the uv plane, then im2uv may suit you. Task im2uv simply Fourier transforms an image (whose units should be Jy/pixel) and writes this transform into a visibility dataset. So you end up with visibilities sampled on a rectangular grid. The task attempts to produce a visibility dataset which looks reasonably valid, but the output does have some odd characteristics (e.g. all output visibilities consists of a single baseline, measured at the same time!!).

model= Name of the input model image.
out= Name of the output visibility dataset.
region= Only pixels within the region are used
  to generate the model visibilities.
select= Normal visibility selection. Only visibilities
  obeying the selection criteria are stored. Only
  uvrange selection is currently honoured.

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