The help command is generally used to get information about a task. The general format of the command is:

miriad% help [-w] taskname [-k keyword]
which will give you information about the keyword of the given task. If the -k keyword is omitted, information is given about all parameters of the task. If the task is omitted, information is given about the current task. For example:
   miriad% help histo
will give you help information about the histogramming task, histo.

The -w flag causes output to be directed to the firefox web browser.

In addition to tasks, help will give you information about a few other select topics. These include information on tasks in general (help tasks), on miriad itself (help miriad) as well as a number of commonly used keywords (device, line, options, region, select, server, stokes).

By default, help information is sent to your terminal. However you can direct it to a web browser by setting the MIRPAGER environment variable to a browser of your choosing. You can also set MIRPAGER (or environment variable PAGER) to your favourite text paging program (the default is more, but you may prefer less). Note that the web version of the documentation usually contains extra links to other relevant material.

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