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SM is still evolving slowly, and this documentation may not be true, helpful, or complete. In order of increasing plausibility, information may be obtained from the HELP command, this document, the authors, and the source code. RHL is prepared to guarantee that the executable code has not been patched.

If you find bugs, (reasonable) features that you want, wrong documentation, or anything else that inspires you please let us know. At least under Unix the macro gripe should be a convenient way to send us mail. Please also send us any clever macros that you would like to share.

Next a disclaimer: SM is copyright @copyright{1987, 1989, 1990, 1991} Robert Lupton and Patricia Monger. This programme is not public domain, except where specifically stated to the contrary, either in the code, or in the manual. If you have a legally acquired copy you may use it on any computer "on the same site", but you may not give it away or sell it. If you have a legal copy we will provide some support and allow you with as many upgrades as you provide tapes for (or wish to retrieve with ftp).

SM is provided `as is' with no warranty, and we are not responsible for any losses resulting from its use.

In addition to this manual there is a tutorial introduction which you might find less intimidating. See section 'The SM Tutorial' in The SM Tutorial.

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