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How do I save macros?

Once you have defined the macro, the command

        macro write macro1 macro_file.dat
will write the macro named macro1 to the file macro_file.dat The macro write command remembers the name of the last file it wrote a macro to, and if the filename is the same in the next command, it will append the new macro to the file, otherwise it will delete it first (you can get round this -- see section 'Macro' in The SM Manual). In this way, related macros can be written to the same file.

Another (maybe easier?) way is to use the save command. the command

        save save_file
will save everything to a file -- macros, variables and vectors. To get them all back, say
        restore save_file
You can even logout, go to dinner, come back, restart SM, use restore, and be back where you left off.

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