SKA Pre-construction phase workshop

Friday 7 September 2012

PAF developments towards SKA

Aligned with the ICEAA Meeting

Convened by CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science

Stellenbosch Room, Sun Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa
(same as ICEAA conference)

The motivation for this extra day’s discussion at the end of the ICEAA conference is to take advantage of key PAF developers and users being present at ICEAA, and to couple it to a discussion on the factors which limit dynamic range in synthesis arrays, particularly when PAFs are adopted.

Objectives of the day

1. Review the potential of dish-arrays with PAFs as front-line astronomical instruments, particularly multi-band PAFs that provide ultra-wide FOV performance over the full frequency range of a dish antenna.

2. Consider key calibration issues that influence the ultimate image dynamic range of synthesis arrays.

3. Capture PAF developments by international parties who are not formal members of SKA PEP phase consortia

4. Establish or perhaps even review (depending on SKA PEP Stage 1 progress) the PAF development plan relative to SKA down-select dates (TRL for SRR, CDR etc)

5. Discuss PAF developments (observatory-based) and provide time for discussions which might not have been covered in the other ICEAA Special sessions.


0910 - 0910 Welcome & introductions
Session 1: New instruments proposed or under construction; science drivers and emerging (supporting) technologies
0910 - 0940 SKA Baseline - SKA1: Three partially overlapping octave bands to cover 0.45 - 3.0 GHz (Robert Braun)
0940 - 1000 ASKAP update (focus on PAF design & validation) (Stuart Hay)
1000 - 1020 APERTIF (Wim van Cappellan, ASTRON)
1020 - 1045 Coffee
1050 - 1110 Canada AFAD (Bruce Veidt, NRC CA)
1110 - 1130 USA PAF developments (Karl Warnick, BYU)
Session 2: Dynamic range limitations of synthesis arrays
1130 - 1200 Review of Limitations and Mitigation strategies (Robert Braun)
1200 - 1230 APERTIF experience (Tom Oosterloo, ASTRON)
1230 - 1330 Lunch
Session 3: The phased array feed/LNA design – current status & future extensibility
1330 - 1430 Discussion Session 1 led by Stuart Hay
Antenna analysis requirements for SKA- feed design etc(Marianna Ivashina)
1430 - 1500 Tea
1500 - 1615 Discussion session 2
SKA PAF developments during pre-construction phase; PAF – design, optimisation, possible trade-offs and development of the front end – including the LNA (feed optimisation) challenge
1615 - 1630 Review & Close

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