ATUC Science Day - Time Domain Astronomy

ATNF Lecture Theatre
24th October 2011

New, sensitive widefield radio telescopes are opening up new parameter space for discovery and monitoring of variable and transient phenomena in the radio sky. Studies in the time domain are therefore an area of expanding interest in the astronomical community, including the ATNF user community. It is timely at this point to examine current progress using existing telescopes in astrophysical studies of variability.

This one-day workshop will include presentations and discussion sessions encompassing a broad range of topics such as:

  • Searches for fast transient events
  • Pulsars
  • Supernovae and gamma-ray bursts
  • Stellar variability
  • Lunar Cherenkov pulses due to high energy neutrinos
  • Galactic and extragalactic jet phenomena
  • Scintillation and extreme scattering events

We will explore the challenges of making measurements on the various timescales involved, as well as commonalities in approaches to data handling and analysis for different types of phenomena.

Registration and call for papers

Registration and call for papers is now open. There is no registration fee for the meeting, but for catering purposes, please register even if you do not wish to present a talk.

It is intended that the emphasis will be on observations with existing ATNF facilities, but we welcome a limited number of contributions on work done with other radio facilities or even at other wavelengths.

Invited pesentations are 25 minutes (with 5min questions), contributed presentations are 15 minutes including 3 minutes for questions. All speakers should email their contributions to (subject: ATUC-Science-Day Oct 2011) before the meeting starts. This will allow people from remote locations to access your talk.

Invited Talks

The following have agreed to give invited talks, on the following topics:

  • Kitty Lo - Magnetic chemically peculiar star CU Virginis
  • Justin Bray - UHE neutrino astrophysics
  • Alina Donea - Transient emissions in solar flares
  • Ron Ekers - Review of Time Domain Astronomy
  • Ramesh Bhat - Searching for fast transients with interferometric arrays
  • James Miller-Jones - Resolving the jets of Circinus X-1 with Very Long Baseline Interferometry
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