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Welcome to the Parkes online safety induction system



CSIRO Astronomy and Space Sciences (CASS), as all divisions of CSIRO, has a duty of care by law to provide all persons on site including staff, clients, visitors, and contractors with a safe work environment and information, instruction and supervision on safe working procedures and practices. If unsure, visitors must follow the safe working instructions given by Observatory staff. On the following pages we will provide you with basic health and safety information for staying at the Parkes Observatory.

This online safety induction should require only about 20 minutes to complete. Please spend the time to read the following information carefully, as it is provided for your benefit. At the end of each page you will be asked a question. Only by providing the correct answer can you proceed to the next page. If you have made an incorrect choice or left a question unanswered, the appropriate information will be re-displayed and you will be prompted again for an answer.

Note that you must complete the whole induction (i.e., answer all questions) for your induction to be valid. After you complete the induction a notification email is sent to the maintainers of the system, who will register your induction. People arriving at the Observatory without a valid induction will need to go through one before work commences.

Please type your details in the fields below, then click the "Start" button to continue with the online induction. If you continue, we will use your details to identify you as the person who has undergone this online safety induction.

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