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The IETF "diffserv" WG has defined the architecture for "diffserv" in RFC 2475 after defining the DS Field in the IPv4 and IPv6 headers in RFC 2474.  Additionally two PHB definitions for AF  (RFC 2597) and EF (RFC 2598) have been produced. There seems to be great interest in deploying these standards in new and existing networks as indicated by the attendance at two BOF sessions on "Deployment Considerations of Implementing Differentiated Services" (DECIDES).

The dsimplementation list is a discussion forum for the engineering considerations of actually implementing diffserv.

Sample Questions that might arise in this mailing list.

  • I want to build a diffserv network, how do I start?
  • I want to build a diffserv network, what do I need?
  • How do I provision diffserv boxes (bandwidth, queueing, ...)?
  • Will box A work with box B?
  • How do I measure that diffserv is working?
  • How do I condition traffic?
  • Presentation of results from early deployment (for discussion).
  • Other topics as deemed appropriate.

The dsimplementation list is not for the following topics:
 1.  Diffserv standardisation (done in the IETF diffserv WG)
 2.  Specification of QoS requirements (SLS,TCS, etc)
 3.  End-to-end services
 4.  ISP Concerns (SLAs, Accounting, etc)

An FAQ web page is intended to be written for beginners at a later stage.

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