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The Parkes 21-cm Multibeam System: surveying the universe

Dr Lister Staveley-Smith and his team
Dr Warwick Wilson, Mr Malcolm Sinclair and Dr Trevor Bird

Members of the Parkes multibeam team, with a feedhorn from the multibeam system . L to R: Dr Lister Staveley-Smith (ATNF), Dr Trevor Bird (CTIP), Dr Warwick Wilson (ATNF) and Mr Malcolm Sinclair (ATNF).

CSIRO's radio telescope at Parkes (NSW) has the world's first 21-cm multibeam receiving system, giving astronomers 13 simultaneous radio beams on the sky.

"Dr Lister Staveley-Smith and his team (Dr Warwick Wilson, Mr Malcolm Sinclair and Dr Trevor Bird) have combined leading edge engineering solutions with state-of-the-art astronomy," says Dr McIntosh.

"Since the Multibeam System became operational in March 1997, it has been discovering a new galaxy on almost a daily basis, including an unexpectedly large number of 'dwarf' galaxies. The Multibeam project is internationally recognised as one of the most significant radio-astronomical developments ever, and has ensured that Australia retains its acknowledged position as world leader in science and engineering for astronomy."

Congratulations to Lister Staveley-Smith, Mal Sinclair, Warwick Wilson (ATNF) and Trevor Bird (CTIP) who yesterday received one of this year's four CSIRO medals at a ceremony in Melbourne, for their part in the multibeam project for the Parkes telescope.

A media release about the awards can be found at

Copies of a video about the project will be available next week.

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