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The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
15:30-16:30 Wed 26 Jul 2006

ATNF Basement Meeting Room

Raffaella Morganti

(ASTRON & Kapteyn Institute Groningen, Netherlands)

Gas accretion and outflows in early-type and radio galaxies. - Raffaella Morganti Colloquium

I will present recent results on the study of neutral hydrogen around
early-type and radio galaxies. We have used the large-scale (tens of kpc) HI emission - in combination with information on the stellar population and ionised gas of the host galaxy - to find clues on the origin and evolution of these objects.

On the nuclear (kpc) scale, fast (~1000km/s) outflows of neutral gas (from 21-cm HI absorption) have been observed and studied in strong radio sources. The outflows likely originate from the interactions between radio jets and the gaseous medium and have mass outflow rates comparable to starburst-driven superwinds. The impact on the evolution of the host galaxies will be discussed.

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