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ASKAP processing capabilities scaled up, August 2017
To address the growing needs of ASKAP and other telescopes hosted at the Murchison Radio Observatory, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre has commissioned a new storage system specifically for astronomical use. Read more

ASKAP Early Science Data Release, July 2017
CSIRO has made the first public release of ASKAP early science data via CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with and receive feedback from the science community. Enquiries can be directed to the ASKAP project scientist or the science team lead investigators. Read more

New Project Scientist for ASKAP, July 2017
ASKAP’s new Project Scientist, Dr Aidan Hotan, talks about his involvement in ASAKP and what the path to full science operations looks like to him. Read more

ASKAP Fast Radio Burst

ASKAP bursts onto the scene, May 2017
CSIRO's Australian Square Kilomtere Array Pathfinder radio telescope (ASKAP) has found its first ‘fast radio burst’ from space after less than four days of searching. The discovery came so quickly that the telescope looks set to become a world champion in this fiercely competitive area of astronomy. Read more


Australian researchers develop ultra-accurate SKA synchronisation tech, July 2016
Astronomical Verification trials of a critical SKA sub-system developed by Australian researchers have shown the frequency synchronisation technology to perform between 10 and 100 times better than the requirement for the SKA telescope. Read more

ASKAP2016: "the future is now!", June 2016
The ASKAP2016 conference has brought together the user community to plan key aspects of the ASKAP Early Science program, share cutting-edge results and discuss future strategies for observing and data sharing. Read more

Bird of paradise constellation sings a sweet song for ASKAP, April 2016
The first ever 36-beam image has been produced during phased array feed (PAF) commissioning activities for CSIRO’s Australian SKA Pathfinder telescope. Read more

Maximising science impact of the SKA in Australia, April 2016
The second annual OzSKA meeting was held to discuss developments in the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) – with a focus not only on astronomy, but also technological development and the evolution of the SKA Organisation itself. Read more

Parkes telescope granted status of 'SKA pathfinder', April 2016
CSIRO's iconic Parkes radio telescope has been granted the status of 'SKA pathfinder' by the Square Kilometre Array Organisation, on the basis of its role in testing innovation new receiver systems for radio astronomy. Read more

Getting busy with real data, March 2016
In preparation for the start of the ASKAP Early Science Program, the first ASKAP Community Busy Week was held this week at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy (SIfA). Read more

Egg-actly what you weren't expecting, March 2016
How one ASKAP Survey Science Project is using cloud computing for ‘machine learning’, to test novel techniques for data mining and source finding. Read more

Quiet up there, March 2016
A recent experiment by the ASKAP team has shown how astronomers can ‘disappear’ RFI from their observations using PAF receivers, a technique not possible with single-pixed feeds. Read more

LIGO makes waves, Australian telescopes follow up, March 2016
How ASKAP played a part in LIGO's hunt for gravitational waves, and showcased capabilities offered by the transient survey projects planned for the future. Read more

Bye bye, BETA, February 2016
A bittersweet milestone for ASKAP, as the Boolardy Engineering Test Array (BETA) is decommissioned. Read more

EU funding to support SKA infrastructure study, February 2016
The SKA Infrastructure Consortium received an important boost this week thanks to a grant under the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. Read more

Bonn-bound PAF pops by Parkes, February 2016
ASKAP’s awarding winning receiver technology is about to branch out beyond Western Australia, heading first to Parkes and then to Germany. Read more

A bright start to the year for ASKAP's renewable energy, January 2016
The solar power station for CSIRO’s ASKAP telescope has been powering ahead at the MRO in Western Australia throughout January. Read more


2015: An ASKAP year to remember, December 2015
It is a time to reflect on the major achievements of the ASKAP project in 2015, thanks to the project team staff across Australia, those on the ground at the MRO, and also our international collaborators. Read more

New PAFs 'on the verge' of surpassing BETA, December 2015
Commissioning activities with ASKAP’s newest receivers have produced an image from ‘the most beams yet’, with early data indicating the performance of the Mk II systems may be on the verge of surpassing the BETA telescope. Read more

Supercomputing resources secured for ASKAP Early Science, December 2015
CSIRO has teamed up with leading scientists from the ASKAP early science projects to secure 600,000 core hours of processing time on the largest research supercomputer in the Southern Hemisphere. Read more

'Exotic pulsar' theories confirmed with BETA, December 2015
The latest paper to be published from ASKAP has used commissioning data to confirm theoretical predictions of an ‘exotic’ intermittent pulsar almost 6,000 light years away. Read more

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