3D Visualisation Workshop 2016

16 - 18 Nov 2016, at ATNF Marsfield, Sydney

Information: 3D-Vis-Program and 3D-Vis Abstracts . Thank you to all participants and presenters !

Invited Speakers:

Talks & Demos

  • Stuart Anderson (CSIRO): Putting 3D scans to work

  • Stuart Anderson (CSIRO): 3D demos (eg, 3D insects)

  • Justin Baker (CSIRO): Overview of 3D TVs for scientific visualisation (talk & demo) - with Peter Tyson

  • Amanda Barnard (CSIRO)

  • Baichuan Sun (CSIRO): Self-organization Map (SOM) on Ag 3D Electrostatic Potential Surface (EPS)

  • Deidre Cleland (CSIRO): Visualising molecular quantum effects

  • Klaus Dolag (MUO): Splotch (1): HPC Visualisation of Large Cosmological Particle-Based Simulations

  • Klaus Dolag (MUO): 3D demos (eg MAGNETICUM)

  • Tim Dykes (Portsmouth University): Splotch (2): Distributed particle visualisation and real-time interaction at scale

  • Claudio Gheller (CSCS): Access, processing and visualisation of astrophysical data through remote and distributed computing facilities

  • Juan-Carlos Guzman (CSIRO)

  • Seb Haan (USydney)

  • Christopher Hammang (CSIRO): Scientific Storytelling with Animations

  • Sarah Hegarty (USwinburne)

  • Craig James (CSIRO): VR in the Energy Business

  • Gyula Jozsa (UCapetown): Galaxy tomography with TiRiFiC (talk & demo)

  • Bärbel S. Koribalski (CSIRO): 3D Visualisation of gas and stars in galaxies

  • Mel Krokos (Portsmouth University)

  • Juan Madrid (CSIRO): The Australian SKA Pathfinder

  • Andrew Madry (Cuoretech Pty Ltd)

  • Malte Marquarding (CSIRO)

  • Vanessa Moss (USydney)

  • Ben Simons (UTS Data Arena)

  • Peter Tyson (CSIRO): Overview of 3D TVs for scientific visualisation (talk & demo) - with Justin Baker

  • Frederic Vogt (ESO): The X3D Pathway: new features for added scientific values

  • Dany Vohl (USwinburne): Colouring redshift and velocity: a novel visual cue to inspect spectral cubes in real-time

  • Dany Vohl (USwinburne): Collaboration, Visual Analytics and the Cloud in the Big Survey Era

  • Jenny Vuong (CSIRO)

  • Dadong Wang (CSIRO)

  • Matthew Whiting (CSIRO): CASDA - the CSIRO ASKAP Data Science Archive: visualisation tools

  • Xinyu Wu (CSIRO): Visualisation of ASKAP Operations via OMP


Workshop Aim

The workshop will bring together a diverse group of experts and others interested in 3D visualisation of large data sets across a range of fields (astronomy, biology, nanotechnologies, earth sciences, etc.). There will be talks, demos, and discussions. In particular, participants will demonstrate different software tools (splotch, blender, etc.) for data visualisation. A key challenge is how to efficiently and interactively visualise very large data sets (images, cubes) and catalogs.

The 3D Visualisation software & applications


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