Local Volume galaxies
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Project Description

``The Local Volume HI Survey'' (LVHIS) (Koribalski et al. 2018) comprises deep HI line and 20-cm radio continuum observations for all nearby, gas-rich galaxies, supplemented by multi-wavelength data.

Our sample consists of all galaxies with vLG < 550 km/s or D < 10 Mpc that are detected in the `HI Parkes All-Sky Survey' (HIPASS). A declination limit of approx. DEC < -30 degrees was chosen for observations with the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA). For LV galaxies with DEC > +20 degrees with used the Westerbork Radio Synthesis Telescope, see the WSRT-LVHIS project. Similar projects are also under way at the VLA and the GMRT.

LVHIS - a step towards WALLABY

LVHIS is a significant step towards the ASKAP HI All-Sky Survey (nick-named WALLABY, Koribalski 2012), as it delivers similar spectral line sensitivity and resolution. WALLABY is a large survey project (approx. two-year; 16h per pointing) exploring 2/3 of the sky out to a redshift of 0.25. Combined with a WSRT Apertif HI observations of the northern sky DEC > +27 degr) we will be able to achieve a homogenous all-sky HI survey.

Our aims

Our aim is to study the formation and evolution of galaxies in the Local Universe. HI spectral line (21-cm) observations allow us to trace the overall matter distribution in galaxies, measure their velocity fields and deduce their gas dynamics and morphology. The gaseous envelopes of galaxies typically extent far beyond their stellar disks. Locations of star formation can usually be identified by high density HI clumps in the outer disks. HI is also found between galaxies (e.g. in groups and clusters), high-lighting their tidal interactions as well as ram pressure stripping.

ATCA observations

We have obtained full 12-h synthesis observations of the sample galaxies with three ATCA configurations (EW352/367-m, 750-m, and 1.5-km). For galaxies with very large HI envelopes we also obtained HI mosaics in the H75 array, the most compact ATCA configuration. These data were then used to make detailed maps of the HI distribution & HI velocity fields of the Local Volume galaxies as well as their star formation properties on all scales. Our data will be complemented by deep AAT H-band images, as well as BVRI-, Halpha-, GALEX uv- and Spitzer mid-infrared images.

Related projects

FIGGS: PI = Ayesha Begum, THINGS: PI = Fabian Walter; Little THINGS: PI = Deidre Hunter; VLA-ANGST: PI = Juergen Ott), WHISP, WSRT-LVHIS: PI = Eva Manthey.

Complementary multi-wavelengths data are available from the following projects: ANGST, SINGG-SUNGG, GALEX, Spitzer LVL, SINGS 11HUGS images, etc.

Elvis at the Dish

Elvis at the Dish, 2007