Lisa Harvey-Smith

ASKAP Project Scientist

I am a Research Astronomer at CSIRO's Astronomy and Space Science division, based in Marsfield, New South Wales. My interests include planetary nebulae, the origin and evolution of cosmic magnetism, supernova remnants, massive star formation and astrophysical masers. I am also the Project Scientist for the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP).

ASKAP is a revolutionary array of radio telescopes designed and operated by CSIRO. Located at the Murchison Radio-Astronomy Observatory in Western Australia, ASKAP a precursor to the Square Kilometre Array. The SKA is a global collaborative project to design and construct a radio telescope - with thousands of separate antennas comprising one square kilometre of collecting area - that will revolutionise our understanding of the universe.

As ASKAP Project Scientist I ensure that engineering advances and science goals remain aligned. I also liaise between the project and the ASKAP survey science teams, as well as co-ordinating the ASKAP early science program. I also maintain an active role in the international SKA Science Working Group and serve on the Science Advisory Committee to the Australian government on the SKA.

I am a keen populariser of science, every year giving dozens of talks to schools, colleges, industry groups and amateur astronomers. I also promote the work of CSIRO and the SKA project in the national and international media. This year I have pursued two major outreach programs - as a mentor at the Pia Wadjarri remote community school in Western Australia and a partnership with Leichhardt Public School as part of CSIRO's Scientists in Schools program. I am the current Chair of the ASA's Chapter for Women in Astronomy.

In my spare time I enjoy long-distance running (marathon, 100km, 100 mile, 12hr and 24hr races) and am a competing member of the Australian Ultra Runners Association.

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For more information about me and my work, please take a look at my personal website, which is updated weekly.


Dr. Lisa Harvey-Smith
CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science
PO Box 76
Epping NSW 2122
email: lisa.harvey-smith@csiro_dot_au
telephone: +61 2 9372 4653

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