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EMU is a radio sky survey project which will use the new ASKAP telescope to make a deep (~10µJy rms) radio continuum survey covering the entire Southern Sky (perhaps as far North as 30°. It can be characterised as a “Southern NVSS”, except that it will have about 40 times the sensitivity of the NVSS. As a result, it will be able to probe star forming galaxies up to z=1, AGNs to the edge of the Universe, and will undoubtedly uncover new classes of object.

The project was one of thirty-odd competing to use ASKAP. Expressions of Interest were solicited in November 2008, with a deadline in December 2008, and full proposals were solicited in mid-2009. At the end of this process, ten proposals were selected, with EMU being ranked equal top with WALLABY. As a result, the EMU Project Team have been invited to play a significant role in ensuring that ASKAP is built and operated to maximise the science return, and ATNF is providing support to EMU to make that happen.

Potential participants are invited to join the team, and will then have the opportunity to participate in designing the parameters and processes of the survey, and participate in the commissioning and quality control.

All radio data from the survey will be placed in the public domain as soon the data quality has been checked. An integral part of the proposed project will be to perform identifications with other wavelengths, and produce catalogs of these and other “added-value” data products

About the banner above: The banner is a representation of the "emu in the sky", which is an important dreaming-spirit of the Aboriginal traditional owners of the land on which ASKAP will be built. For more information on this image, see http://www.atnf.csiro.au/research/AboriginalAstronomy/Examples/emu.htm

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