Stella and the Comets

Action Learning Group from RMP12.

l-r: Brett Sexton, Colin Matheson, Stella Humphries, Tasso Tzioumis, Eric Frazer, Marcus Price.

Stella and the Comets - The Drawing

Action Learning Projects

Stella E. Humphries

The design of a short course on leadership of inter-disciplinary, inter-organisational R&D teams: "Achieving through Teams".

Brett Sexton

"Development of a Strategic Plan and re-organisation of the Alloys R & D Program at DMST."

Eric Frazer

"A semi-retrospective analysis of the development and implementation of the R & D structure in the (new) Division of Minerals."

Colin Matheson

"Produce an R & D Management plan for integrating Divisional projects on Quantitative Genetics (breeding) and Molecular Biology of radiata pine for advancing breeding strategies in Australia."

Tasso Tzioumis

"Develop a plan for streamlining the planning and reporting process within the ATNF."

Marcus Price

"Learn and apply matrix management model/approach for Parkes observatory."