Parkes Pulsar Data Archive (PPDA)

It is National Facility policy that all observations obtained with the Parkes radio telescope are made available to the general community after an embargo period. Usually this embargo period is set to 18 months after the observation. The Australian National Data Service (ANDS have provided funding to provide the means by which the pulsar data sets are archived and made available for search and download.

In order to carry out observations using Parkes, the observer first requests observing time by submitting a proposal through the OPAL system ( Metadata (such as the principal investigator, proposal abstract) from successful observing proposals will be made available on the ANDS website. The data is available through the CSIRO Data Access Portal (DAP) ( which allows files to be downloaded after an initial embargo period.

1.0 Data sets available for download

The PPDA is currently undergoing an upgrade to enable access to an even greater number of observations across a wider range of pulsar projects.

Since July 2013, 87 pulsar projects have been made available, a total of ~70 TB of data.

All observations are available in the PSRFITS data format. Folding mode observations can be processed using the PSRCHIVE suite of software. Search mode observations can be processed using SIGPROC (the most recent version), PRESTO and DSPSR.

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