PM Survey Status

27 Feb 2001

PM Survey Area Coverage:

View a map of the observed and processed pointings in one of the six regions covered by the survey by clicking on one of the images below. Locations of previously known, redetected, and newly discovered pulsars are indicated on the maps.

PM Tapes Processing Status (click for larger version):

Some Survey Statistics:

Total number of pointings to be observed in survey:   2670
 Number of unique pointings observed so far:   2350
 Number of unique ptgs on processed tapes:   0
 Number of pointings on dud tapes:   88
 Number of processed pointings on dud tapes:   0
 Number of non-survey pointings found:   29211
 Number of short or test survey pointings found:   3608
 Matched  2863 of  2893 observed survey pointings in pmobs.db and hex.db
          30 of  2893 observed survey pointings were tests not in hex.db
          35712 of  35712 observed pointings in pmobs.db accounted for
 Found    308 pmsurv pointings with two obs
 Found    31 pmsurv pointings with three obs
 Found    7 pmsurv pointings with too many obs
 Found  11 dud tapes containing  88 dud pointings
        0 of  88 dud pointings are processed