ASKAP News Archive 2012

Three white dish-like ASKAP antennas sit amongst red dirt and desert bushes in the foreground of a desert sunset. Credit: Alex Cherney/terrastro.

2012: a memorable year for ASKAP, December 2012
It's been an eventful year for CSIRO's Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) project, with the successful delivery of a number of major components highlighting key milestones achieved throughout the year. Read more.

ASKAP 'moves in' to MRO Control Building, December 2012
Construction activities for the MRO Control Building were completed in mid-2012, and the facility has since been officially handed over to the ASKAP team for occupation. Read more.

Brightest quasars quash star formation, November 2012
The brightest quasars can totally ionise the hydrogen gas in their host galaxies, rendering that gas undetectable by radio telescopes – and it has implications for surveys to be done with ASKAP and the SKA, a recent paper has found. Read more.

Simulations predict ASKAP to discover 700,000 new galaxies, November 2012
Australian researchers have combined computer simulations with ASKAP specifications to predict the extraordinary capabilities of CSIRO's newest radio telescope. Read more.

ASKAP and the MRO official opening 5 October, October 2012
Senator Chris Evans, Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research, officially opened CSIRO's newest radio telescope, the Australian SKA Pathfinder, on 5 October 2012. Read more.

Phase closure achieved on multiple ASKAP PAFs, August 2012
Phase closure has been achieved for the first time during system verification tests on three ASKAP antennas installed with CSIRO's innovative new phased array feed (PAF) receiver technology. Read more.

$33 million supercomputer to support ASKAP and SKA science, August 2012
CSIRO welcomes the recent announcement of the new supercomputer to be installed at iVEC's Pawsey Centre in Perth, Western Australia. Read more.

All ASKAP antennas assembled at the MRO, June 2012
All 36 of CSIRO's ASKAP antennas have been assembled at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO) in Western Australia. Read more.

Dual SKA site welcomed by CSIRO, May 2012
The A$2.5 billion Square Kilometre Array radio telescope will be deployed in Australia-New Zealand, as well as South Africa, the international SKA Organisation has announced. Read more.

ATNF Steering Committee visits ASKAP, May 2012
Members of the CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF) Steering Committee visited ASKAP at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory as part of their annual meeting. Read more.

ASKAP Update now available, April 2012
CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science has released its new publication, ASKAP Update, which replaces ASKAP Science Update and ASKAP Technical Update. Read more.

ASKAP antenna manufacture complete, March 2012
All 36 of CSIRO's ASKAP antennas have been manufactured and passed their factory acceptance tests. Read more.

MRO support facility construction underway, February 2012
Construction has begun on CSIRO's new facility to support the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory in Western Australia. Read more.

Outstanding SKA service awarded, January 2012
CSIRO's SKA Executive Officer Dr Michelle Storey has been awarded a Public Service Medal in this year's Australia Day Honours list. Read more.

New Minister visits the MRO, January 2012
Senator Chris Evans, the new Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research, visited the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory on Thursday 19 January 2012 to see for himself the progress that is being made on the construction of CSIRO's ASKAP radio telescope. Read more.

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