SKA telescope announces permanent headquarters

A photo of the SKA HQ at Jodrell Bank from February 2015.

The SKA HQ is currently hosted by Jodrell
Bank for the pre-construction phase, and has
now been announced as the perrmanent site

for HQ heading into the construction phase.

An artist impression of the SKA HQ at Jodrell Bank.

30 April 2015

At a meeting on Wednesday 29 April, the Members of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Organisation decided that negotiations should start with the UK government to locate the permanent headquarters of the SKA project at the University of Manchester’s Jodrell Bank site.

Jodrell Bank currently houses the headquarters of the international SKA project, during pre-construction phase; this will eventually be expanded to support the transition into construction phase.

The process for selecting the permanent headquarters began in 2014 when, following an agreed plan, Members were invited to submit bids. Two bids were received, from Italy and the United Kingdom, both of which were judged to be excellent and both suitable for the project’s needs.

Further information is available in the official press release from the SKA Organisation, “World’s largest radio telescope has a permanent home for its headquarters”.

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