ATNF Astrofest 2007

The 2007 Astrofest will be held on Thursday, 6th December, 2007 at the ATNF Lecture Theatre, Marsfield.
A Teleconference facility is available via (02) 6214-3355.

Speakers: Talks are 15min. plus 5min. for questions.
Please upload your talk to the at_meetings exploder - (use subject: Astrofest2007)

Everybody welcome !

Final Program

09:15am Welcome (Coffee/Tea)  
Session 1   Chair: Robert Braun
09:30am George Hobbs Exciting results from the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array project
09:50am Naomi McClure Griffiths An interaction between the Magellanic Leading Arm and the Milky Way Disk
10:10am Attila Popping Intergalactic Filaments in HI Surveys
10:30am Maria Cunningham The Chemistry and Dynamics of Star Formation in the G333
  Coffee Break  
Session 2   Chair: Dick Manchester
11:30am James Green The Methanol Multibeam Survey
11:50am Marijke Haverkorn The Parkes Galactic Meridian Survey
12:10pm Bill Coles Correcting pulsar timing observations for scattering in the interstellar medium
  Lunch Pizza Lunch will provided for all participants
Session 3   Chair: Kate Brooks
1:40pm Patrick Weltevrede The main - interpulse interaction of PSR B1702-19
2:00pm Sarah Maddison Grain growth in planetary disks
2:20pm Tracey Hill Do all massive cores form stars? A CO and CS Mopra study of southern cores
2:40pm Erik Muller Molecular clouds in the SMC; now even cooler!
  Coffee Break  
Session 4   Chair: Carole Jackson
3:30pm Tobias Westmeier The relics of structure formation:
high-velocity clouds around the Milky Way and other galaxies
3:50pm David Champion The ALFA survey for Pulsars
4:10pm Chris Phillips Science with PAMHELA
4:30pm Paul Hancock GPS sources in the AT 20GHz survey
5.00pm END  

The organisers are Baerbel Koribalski, Simon Johnston and Trish Dennis.