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Invited speakers:

Mike Anderson The Periphery of Disks as seen in X-rays
Lia Athanassoula The Periphery of Disks: The simulation perspective
Jayaram Chengalur Cold Atomic Gas in high redshift galaxies
Aeree Chung In or Out? - Gas Accretion and Stripping in Galaxies and the Consequences
George Heald HALOGAS and the origin of extraplanar HI in spiral galaxies
Chris Howk Tracing Star Formation-Driven Flows into the Thick Disk and Circumgalactic Medium
Annie Hughes Beyond R25: Molecular Gas in Outer Disks and Diffuse Environments
Virginia Kilborn The effect of interactions and the IGM on the outer regions of disk galaxies
Piet van der Kruit Truncations And Warps In Disks Of Galaxies
Federico Marinacci The importance of galactic fountain in galaxy evolution
Tom Oosterloo Extra-Planar Gas: Past, Present and Future
Mary Putman Gas on a Trip to the Disk
Emma Ryan-Weber Galaxy Haloes at High Redshift: Outflow vs Pre-enrichment
Kate Rubin Observational Evidence for Cool Gas Accretion onto Star-Forming Galaxies
David Thilker Star formation at the disk periphery and beyond

Conference Summary:

Albert Bosma