Image Credit: Emil Lenc (SIfA/CAASTRO) and James Allison (CASS)

2016 Bolton and Student Symposium


Attendees at the 2016 Bolton and Student Symposium. Image credit: Craig Anderson


Tuesday 22nd November 2016, Lecture Theatre, ARRC building, Kensington, Perth

Once again this year, CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science is holding a joint Bolton and Student Symposium. All members of the astronomical research community (regardless of institution and rank/title) are welcome to attend and submit presentations. The symposium is intended to showcase the excellent science being carried out by astronomers from Australia and further afield, and to promote discussion and collaboration between researchers.

This year, the Bolton Symposium will be held on Tuesday 22nd November in Perth WA, at the Australian Resources Research Centre (ARRC). The ARRC building is located in the suburb of Kensington next to the Curtin University campus, and is only a short trip via public transport from the Perth CBD.

The event will be held during the week prior to the 2016 CAASTRO retreat, which will also run in WA this year. This is by design, and will enable out-of-state participants to attend both events in a single trip. Moreover, we encourage all participants to view this trip as an excellent opportunity to visit and interact with your West-Australian colleagues based at CSIRO, Curtin, and UWA.



The format for the 2016 symposium will mirror the successful format of last year's event. Each speaker will be given 3 minutes (+2 for Q&A) to present their research in a maximum of three slides. You should aim to use this time to interest other attendees in some particular aspect of your work. You could do this by simply describing your current project. But feel free to take a different approach if you’d prefer to: Perhaps you’d rather talk about an idea for a project, a problem that you are facing, an unusual result, or some other interesting detail that has come up in the course of your investigations. We’d like attendees to view the presentations as a starting point for further stimulating discussions during the break periods and beyond. We expect the whole meeting will take less than a day.


Important Dates

Registration and abstract submission deadline: 16th October 2016 
Program released: 1st November 2016
Symposium date: 22nd November 2016



Registration is now closed.



The talk schedule is now out!



The meeting will be held in CSIRO's Australian Resources Research Centre (ARRC) building, located at 26 Dick Perry Avenue, Kensington, Perth.






















  • Craig Anderson (CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, Perth)

  • Chenoa Tremblay (ICRAR - Curtin)

  • Kamran Ali (ICRAR - UWA)


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