Publications Acknowledgement Statements

Users of the Australia Telescope national Facility are requested to acknowledge the Australia Telescope National Facility in any publications resulting from use of ATNF facilities, as follows:

  • The Australia Telescope Compact Array (/ Parkes radio telescope / Mopra radio telescope / Long Baseline Array) is part of the Australia Telescope National Facility which is funded by the Australian Government for operation as a National Facility managed by CSIRO.


Publications which include data obtained through the National Facility archives for the Compact Array, Parkes spectral line or continuum data, Mopra or the LBA should include an additional statement as follows:


Publications which include archived Parkes pulsar data should include an additional statement as follows:

  • This paper includes archived data obtained through the Australia Telescope Online Archive and the CSIRO Data Access Portal (


Publications that use data from ASKAP or the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory should include an additional statement as follows:

  • The Australian SKA Pathfinder is part of the Australia Telescope National Facility which is managed by CSIRO. Operation of ASKAP is funded by the Australian Government with support from the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy. ASKAP uses the resources of the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre. Establishment of ASKAP, the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory and the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre are initiatives of the Australian Government, with support from the Government of Western Australia and the Science and Industry Endowment Fund. We acknowledge the Wajarri Yamatji people as the traditional owners of the Observatory site.


Observers who have used the Mopra digital spectrometer (UNSW-MOPS) are requested to add the statement:

  • The University of New South Wales Digital Filter Bank used for the observations with the Mopra Telescope was provided with support from the Australian Research Council.


LBA users who have had their data correlated at the Pawsey Supercomupting Centre, or previously at Curtin University, on the DiFX software correlator are encourage to cite the paper Deller, et al. 2011, PASP, 123, 275 and include the following statement in the Acknowledgements:

  • This work made use of the Swinburne University of Technology software correlator, developed as part of the Australian Major National Research Facilities Programme.


LBA and ASKAP observers who have processed (or had correlated) data at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre:

  • This work was supported by resources provided by the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre with funding from the Australian Government and the Government of Western Australia.



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