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RFI identification

This page is dedicated to identifying the types of RFI that you may encounter whilst observing for P456. Please share images and or information regarding RFI identification here.

If possible, supply a short description of the nature of the RFI you observed and any instrumentation settings that may help with identification in future observations.

To upload an image, click 'Edit' at top right, log on, and click 'Attach'. Browse to your image (.gif, .jpeg, or .png), name the upload something meaningful (replacing whitespace with underscores and include the file extension), and click 'Upload'. Then add a title, description, and the 'Attach' definition and save the page. Please see the example below.

Beidou IGSO 1 Compass satellite

The frequency of 1268.52MHz (~10MHz wide) is a known Beidou/Compass feature.

Mid-week RFI

Clear "mid-week" interference at 1260+1300MHz. The levels were strong creating sampler harmonics across the observing band.

DTV (maybe under anomalous propagation conditions?)

Two bands are visible, in same regions as Aug 12 event seen by G. Hobbs, and likely a few others

Another example of the same, but worse.


Receiver: 1050

RFI at 50cm: Conodoblin DTV observed during anomalous propagation conditions.

Feature at ~1230MHz (channel ~900) ??

Feature at ~1450MHz ??