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This wiki page contains information about the TEMPO2 pulsar timing package. This software was developed at the ATNF mainly by George Hobbs and Russell Edwards. Significant enhancements have also been made by Joris Verbiest. A complete list of contributors can be found here. Please use the feedback form to provide us with any information on the software, usage instructions or this wiki.

We have an email list hosted by Please sign up (click here) to obtain information on tempo2 updates.

This wiki will only be useful if the documentation is kept up-to-date and more pages are added. Please contact George Hobbs or Joris Verbiest (or use the feedback form) if you wish to know the password enabling you to update these wiki pages.

If you use tempo2 in your publication please cite Hobbs, Edwards & Manchester (2006) for general usage and Edwards, Hobbs & Manchester (2006) when discussing the timing model.


Note: the old tempo2 pages can be found here

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