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Tempo2 documentation

The tempo2 documentation will now be kept up-to-date on this wiki page. Please use the feedback form to provide us with details of out-of-date documentation (or, preferably, become a tempo2 developer and help to update the pages yourself!). For general users who wish to install tempo2 and use the basic features of the software then chapters 1, 3, 4, 5 and 8 should be read.

There is also a doxygen generated manual.

Click here to see all the documentation on one page (useful for printing the entire documentation in one go)

Referencing tempo2 in your publication

If you use tempo2 in your publication please cite Hobbs, Edwards & Manchester (2006) for general usage and Edwards, Hobbs & Manchester (2006) when discussing the timing model.


The Tempo2 software package is based on the orginal TEMPO fortran code. The original software was developed over many years by multiple authors including J. Taylor, R. Manchester, D. Nice, W. Peters, J. Weisberg, A. Irwin and N. Wex. We thank the Australian pulsar community, J. Weisberg, D. Lorimer and M. Kramer for suggestions and comments on tempo2.

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