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Running tempo2 through MATLAB

[This definitely works on a Mac, should work on Unix Linux Systems also]
1. Place your tempo2 command in a shell script; for example:

tempo2 -gr GWbackground ../*S.par -ngw 1000 -seed -123 -alpha -0.66666 -gwamp 1e-18 -dist 0.16 ...

2. chmod the shell script.
3. At the MATLAB command prompt, type "setenv TEMPO2 " and then the location of your "runtime" folder, discussed in the README included with the installation (e.g. setenv TEMPO2 /Applications/runtime )
4. At the MATLAB command prompt, run "system('name')", where name is the name of the shell script containing the tempo2 command. All of the normal tempo2 output is then channeled through the MATLAB window.

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Page last modified on October 10, 2007, at 03:25 PM