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TEMPO2 Download and Installation

Tempo2 can be installed from a release tarball, or you can just get the latest version directly from the git repository.


The repository version has build instructions in the readme file (or see the front page of the bitbucket site). The build instructions for the tarballs are similar but you do not need the bootstrap step, and you do not need a working installation of libtool or autoconf. Copy the runtime files, i.e. clock corrections, planitary ephemerdis etc to $TEMPO2, e.g.

  cp -r T2runtime $TEMPO2

Where $TEMPO2 can point to any directory you want this to be installed into. (typically $TEMPO2=/usr/local/share).

Simply run:

  ./configure --prefix=$PREFIX
  make plugins
  make install plugins-instal

where $PREFIX is the location you want to install tempo2. Typically $PREFIX=/usr/local

There are a few other plugins that are unsupported, in that they may use additional libraries or undocumented features and are not checked as thoroughly. To build eveything, including the unsupported plugins do

  make complete && make complete install

Always test your newly built tempo2 by running

  make check

in your build area.

Legacy versions

These links go to very old versions of the code and may have bugs, or simply not work. They are preserved in case we ever need to know what the code was like in the past. Final version before SourceForge:

See also version changes

Even more older version

Really old version

This should only be downloaded if there is a clear problem with the current distribution.

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Page last modified on October 28, 2016, at 07:28 PM