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Detail of the spectralModel plugin

The algorithms implemented into the spectralModel plugin are detailed in Coles et al. (in preparation).

Command line inputs

Example usage

tempo2 -gr spectralModel -f mypar.par mytim.tim


By default the plugin produces a text file (covarFunc.dat) that contains the data covariance function. This can be used in the tempo2 fit using the -dcf covarFunc.dat command line input for tempo2 and the plk plugin.


Step 1: Obtaining a smooth model of the residuals and the high frequency component

Step 2: Obtain spectra of the timing residuals to determine whether pre-whitening/post-darkening is required

Step 3: Obtaining the covariance function by modelling the spectra

Step 3: Obtaining the covariance function directly from the timing residuals

Step 4: Obtaining a data covariance matrix

Step 5: Improving the spectral model

Step 6: Output the covariance function

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