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Hints for converting from Tempo1 to Tempo2

Tempo2 is based on the original fortran tempo1 software and therefore should be relatively straight-forward for anyone confident with tempo1 to start using tempo2. Tempo2 can deal with simple tempo1 parameter and observations files:

 tempo2 -f mypar.par mytim.tim -tempo1

By default tempo2 does not produce the standard tempo1 output files (e.g. resid2.dat, tempo.lis). The plugin features of tempo2 should supercede these tempo1 outputs. More complex tempo1 observations files (that include large numbers of jumps etc.) should be converted to tempo2 formats. Ingrid has produced a great script to undertake this conversion (Ingrid's hints).

It is possible to convert a tempo1-format parameter file into a tempo2 format file using

 tempo2 -gr transform tempo1.par tempo2.par

which will produce a new file (tempo2.par) that has been correctly converted to be compliant with IAU 2000 resolutions.

Improved features of tempo2 compared to tempo1 (taken from the Hobbs, Edwards & Manchester 2006 paper)

For coordinate systems, propagation delays and ephemerides, tempo2

For the fitting routines, tempo2

The predictive mode in tempo2 provides both time and frequency dependent predictions and therefore deals correctly with

Other miscellaneous improvements include

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