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PLK graphical interface

  • Authors: G. Hobbs, J. Verbiest
  • Version: 3.0
  • Summary: Main graphical interface for pulsar timing application. Allows the viewing and fitting of pulsar timing residuals.
  • Requires: pgplot
  • Usage:
    tempo2 -gr plk -f par.par tim.tim

Command line arguments

  • -grdev xx, choose the pgplot graphics device (e.g. 3/xs, etc.)
  • -locky y1 y2, lock the y-axis of the plot to be between y1 and y2
  • -xplot a or -yplot b. Determine the default x and y axes, where a and b can be:
          1      prefit residuals
          2      postfit residuals
          3      Modified Julian Date
          4      Orbital phase
          5      TOA number
          6      Day of year
          7      Frequency
          8      TOA error
          9      DPA (derived parallactic angle)
         10      Year
         11      Elevation
         12      Round MJD values
  • -publish, publication style graphics (larger fontsize, no menu ...)
  • -ms, -us, -ns, specifies residual units in milliseconds, microseconds or nanoseconds (default is seconds)
  • -menu, changes the menu. Options are:
        -1     no menu - plot only
         1     default menu, fitting for standard parameters and standard options (fit, save par/tim,...)
         2     prewhitening menu: fitting for F0 to F8
         3     extended menu: fitting, standard options, extended options and plot X/Y parameter options.
         Notice there is *no* menu 0. Menu 0 works similarly to menu -1, but does not allow cycling through with ctrl+m. 
         The default value for the menu can be set in the file $TEMPO2/plugin_data/plk_setup.dat
  • -period, calculates residuals in pulse periods, instead of seconds
  • -h or --help, provides help for command line arguments
  • -epoch centre automatically places the period and position epoch to the centre of the dataspan

Key-stoke commands when using plk

 Fitting and Calculating Options
 b          Bin TOAs within certain time bin
 c          Change fitting parameters
 d (or right mouse) delete point
 ctrl-d     delete highlighted points
 e          multiply all TOA errors by given amount
 F          run FITWAVES
 ctrl-f     remove FITWAVES curve from residuals
 i (or left mouse) identify point
 M          toggle removing mean from the residuals
 ctrl-n     Add white noise to site-arrival-times
 p          Change model parameter values
 ctrl-p     Toggle fitting versus pulse phase
 r          Reset (reload .par and .tim file)
 w          toggle fitting using weights
 x          redo fit using post-fit parameters
 +          add positive phase jump
 -          add negative phase jump
 ctrl-=     add period to residuals above cursor  

 Plot Selection
 D (or middle mouse) view profile
 s          start of zoom section
 f          finish of zoom section
 Ctrl-u     Overplot Shapiro delay
 u          unzoom
 v          view profiles for highlighted points
 V          define the user parameter
 Ctrl-v     for pre-fit plotting, decompose the timing model fits
            (i.e. overplot the fitted curves - only for prefit plots
 ctrl-X     select x-axis specifically
 y          Rescale y-axis only
 Y          set y-scale exactly
 ctrl-Y     select y-axis specifically
 z          Zoom using mouse
 <          in zoom mode include previous observation
 >          in zoom mode include next observation
 1          plot pre-fit  residuals vs date
 2          plot post-fit residuals vs date
 3          plot pre-fit  residuals vs orbital phase
 4          plot post-fit residuals vs orbital phase
 5          plot pre-fit  residuals serially
 6          plot post-fit residuals serially
 7          plot pre-fit  residuals vs day of year
 8          plot post-fit residuals vs day of year
 9          plot pre-fit  residuals vs frequency
 a          plot post-fit residuals vs frequency
 !          plot pre-fit  residuals vs TOA error
 @          plot post-fit residuals vs TOA error
 #          plot pre-fit  residuals vs user values
 $          plot post-fit residuals vs user values
 %          plot pre-fit  residuals vs year
 ^          plot post-fit residuals vs year
 &          plot pre-fit residuals vs elevation
 *          plot post-fit residuals vs elevation
 (          plot pre-fit residuals vs rounded MJD
 )          plot post-fit residuals vs rounded MJD 

 Options for selecting x and y axes individually
 Ctrl-X n   set x-axis
 Ctrl-Y n   set y-axis
 where n =  

 1         plot pre-fit residuals
 2         plot post-fit residuals
 3         plot centred MJD
 4         plot orbital phase
 5         plot TOA number
 6         plot day of year
 7         plot frequency
 8         plot TOA error
 9         plot user value
 0         plot year
 -         plot elevation 

 Display Options
 B          place periodic marks on the x-scale
 ctrl-c     Toggle between period epoch and centre for the reference epoch
 E          toggle plotting error bars
 g          change graphics device
 G          change gridding on graphics device
 H          highlight points with specific flag using symbols
 ctrl-I     highlight points with specific flag using colours
 I          indicate individual observations
 j          draw line between points 
 J          toggle plotting points
 L          add label to plot
 ctrl-l     add line to plot
 ctrl-m     toggle menu bar (Cycles through the options listed above - see -menu command line argument.)
 o          obtain/highlight all points currently in plot
 ctrl-T     set text size
 U          unhighlight selected points
 W          toggle plotting in bw or colour
 [          toggle plotting x-axis on log scale
 ]          toggle plotting y-axis on log scale  

 Output Options
 Ctrl-J     output listing of residuals in Jodrell format
 Ctrl-O     output listing of residuals in simple format
 l          list all data points in zoomed region
 m          measure distance between two points
 P          write new .par file
 Ctrl-w     over-write input .par file
 S          save a new .tim file
 Ctrl-S     overwrite input.tim file
 t          Toggle displaying statistics for zoomed region 

 Various Options
 C          run unix command with filenames for highlighted observations
 h          help 
 q          quit 
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Page last modified on September 08, 2008, at 08:14 AM