Australian ALMA community workshop

October 30-31, 2013

Star trails over ALMA. Photo credit: ESO/B. Tafreshi (



In preparation for the upcoming ALMA call for Cycle 2 proposals we are planning a 2-day ALMA workshop for the Australian community. The call for Cycle 2 proposals will be made in October 2013 with a deadline for proposal submission in early December 2013.

The workshop will include presentations from ALMA staff related to ALMA's Cycle 2 capabilities and proposal preparation, as well as hands-on tutorials demonstrating the ALMA Observing Tool and the Simulators. The talks and tutorials are aimed to enable novice and advanced users alike to create observing projects making full use of the unique capabilities of ALMA in Cycle 2.

Our aim is to also include a series of science talks that highlight both early science results from ALMA and future science projects. If you are a member of a team that has been awarded ALMA time, we encourage you to showcase any preliminary data or to present an overview of the project. We'd also love to hear ideas on what students and postdocs plan to do with ALMA in the future.

This workshop also presents a great opportunity for the community to learn about this new facility, to meet some of the key people involved, and to discuss future projects utilising ALMA. We encourage everyone to attend, especially postdocs and students.

Confirmed ALMA speakers: Liz Humphreys (ESO), Alison Peck (NRAO), Remy Indebetouw (NRAO), Norikazu Mizuno (EA ARC).


The workshop will be held at the CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science ATNF headquarters in Marsfield, Sydney. Morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea will be provided. For nearby accommodation options see the Visitors Guide to the ATNF Headquarters.


There will be no registration fee for this workshop. Please email Jill Rathborne to confirm your attendance at the workshop. Please also include a title if you would like to present a science talk.

Registration closes on October 18, 2013.


The workshop program is available here.

Organising Committee

Jill Rathborne (chair) Sarah Maddison Michael Burton Anne Green Max Voronokov Yeshe Fenner/>


The main sponsor of this event is Astronomy Australia Limited (AAL), through a grant from the Australian Government. Other sponsors include CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science (CASS), the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO), the International Centre for Radio-Astronomy Research (ICRAR), the University of New South Wales (UNSW), the Australian National University (ANU), Swinburne University, and ALMA.



For more information email Jill Rathborne